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Exciting News from Kumbali Game Ranch!

Safari car in Kumbali Game Ranch
Kumbali Game Ranch

Lilongwe's Kumbali Country Lodge is gearing up for a big move in 2024, announcing the launch of a new wildlife sanctuary called the Kumbali Game Ranch. This development comes as the renowned establishment approaches its 20th anniversary.

Get ready for an immersive safari, where visitors can witness exotic wildlife in their natural habitat. The game ranch in Lilongwe promises a peaceful escape, surrounded by pristine landscapes. Kumbali has been a staple in Lilongwe, providing luxury accommodation, conference facilities, and community support for 20 years.

In line with its commitment to environmental responsibility, the upcoming game ranch signifies the dedication the Management of Kumbali Country Lodge have towards giving back to the community and preserving the natural environment.

This development is in addition to the existing banana plantation that Kumbali houses, will reinforce its commitment to environmental responsibility. Kumbali's bananas, supplied to local markets and mega stores like Chipiku and Food Lovers, have been a staple in Lilongwe.

Ultimately Kumbali sets its vision on continuing to become one of the leading mega farms in Lilongwe, making a significant contribution to the region's agricultural landscape and ecotourism.

Stay tuned for updates on the grand opening of Kumbali Game Ranch in 2024, marking two decades of excellence and a renewed focus on conservation.

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