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Kumbali Conference Center: Your Ideal Venue for Sustainable, Productive, and Engaging Corporate Events

Welcome to Kumbali Conference Center, a thoughtfully designed venue for your conferences, planning meetings, and team-building events. With a focus on sustainability, rustic charm, and engaging spaces, we offer a unique setting for your corporate gatherings.

Kumbali Conference Centre  for meetings.
Kumbali Conference Centre

Experience environmentally and ethically friendly interiors, crafted from locally sourced materials, reflecting our commitment to responsible practices and corporate values.

Choose from our two halls, Mibawa has a capacity of 80 participants and Kachere has a capacity of 120 participants, providing well-ventilated spaces with high thatched ceilings for natural temperature control.

Mibawa hall at Kumbali Conference Center
Mibawa Hall
Kachere Hall at Kumbali Conference center
Kachere Hall

Our comprehensive packages include tables, bottle of water, chairs, conference stationery, and a dedicated staff, ensuring a hassle-free event with on-site support.

Stationery on Kumbali Conference center
Stationery on Kumbali Conference center

Enjoy inclusive packages with morning and afternoon snacks, hot beverages, and a 3-course lunch buffet. Our culinary team caters to various dietary requirements, ensuring a delightful dining experience for all.

Buffet station at Kumbali Country Lodge
Buffet station in the Kumbali conference dining area

Take advantage of our expansive garden space, an ideal setting for various team-building exercises. The lush surroundings offer a refreshing outdoor experience, enhancing collaboration and creativity among your team members.

Team building activities happening at Kumbali Country Lodge's Castle garden next to the Kumbali Conference center
Team building activities at Kumbali Castle Garden

Kumbali country lodge centre upper board room
Kumbali Lodge boardroom

For more intimate and smaller group meetings, we offer a specialized boardroom setup located in our upper lodge center. This dedicated space is designed to accommodate gatherings of fewer than 10 participants, providing a focused and conducive workspace. With large windows offering a picturesque view of our serene poolside garden, this boardroom setting combines functionality with the beauty of nature, creating an ideal environment for productive and collaborative sessions.

Elevate your corporate events in 2024 with Kumbali Conference Center! Secure your dates now by calling us at 0999 963 402 or emailing Stay updated on LinkedIn and our other social media pages @kumbalicountrylodge .

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